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"Now that Kitty eliminated the reason for your low esteem or high confidence whatever the heck you want to call it, why don't you take a look at those horrifying cuts on your cheeks? Actually, this wasn't part of my plan, but your great friend decided to make you join her in the world of disfigured models. So, there you go. Those fresh, fancy cuts."


"Silly child. Whenever you told me the things that Karen told you, I've always reminded you to be careful with who you hang out with. Even though you two were children, Karen's mother was not any good person. I'm not trying to say that she is like her mother, but I can definitely guarantee you that Susu isn't the type of person to bully another."


Ariana nodded as she fed a slice of orange to Susu, "Last time I went to check, I couldn't even open the door. I heard that Kitty's scream and it sent cold air down my damn spine. My goosebumps had lasted a few minutes before it went away. Good luck." Find authorized novels in Webnovelfaster updates, better experiencePlease click www.webnovel.com www.webnovel.com for visiting.


He started off with a tiny peck before kissing her a little more aggressive. His hand secured her head as it held onto the back of her neck gently. Though he kissed her harder than before, his kisses were still gentle and warm. She was a fast learner as she reciprocated the strength of his kisses and pushed her mouth onto his.


After the van had left, Alexander decided to personally investigate Yin Zin Leung and his motives. "How did he manage to connect with Leader Rong?" On the spot, he typed in his notes app on his phone:


Before Karen could scream on top of her lungs, Kitty took a claw hammer from Karen's supplies box that the guard had discovered earlier. Zi Yan already instructed Kitty to extract Karen's teeth using the claw side of the hammer and break her arms for revenge.

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"If there was another way, I'm sure we would've discussed it already. My best bet is to have the cancer under control and if luck is on my side, then finding the auntie Xiao Ling would save me." Susu leaned on his shoulders, feeling a bit tired from all the talking.


Karen shouted loud into the phone, "Finally picking up the damn call?! Did you do as I instruct? Huh? Say something? Why so quiet? Did you give the medicine to Susu yet?! Hello?? Are you fucking deaf??"


While walking him out, she double checked to make sure that he had everything, "Keys, wallet, work documents!"


The moment she lifted her head, she met three pair of eyes staring right at her. "W..what?" she asked nervously and looked uncomfortable with the sudden attention.


"That...then I will let her decide who she wants to be with." He responded with a slight hesitation.


Seeing that the four of them were getting up from their seats, Tian Yuo decided to leave as well. He walked away after saying everything that he wanted to say. Everything seemed much easier than he had expected. At first, he felt guilty for doing this to Karen, but after the event everything seemed much clearer.


He chuckled lowly by her ears and wrapped his arms around her from behind. His head rested on her shoulders as her light floral perfume filled his nostrils. With his eyes closed, he captured this amazing feeling of his longing dream since childhood becoming reality. At this moment, he felt that everything is completely in the right place.



"Oh...okay. Then, here's some tea." He wiped the unused tea cup carefully before pouring tea into it and handing it to Susu.



The more they thought about it, the more suspicious everything sounded. "it's true...who would ask a child if their mother left them anything like that? It's like she wanted to look for something and she knew that children at your age at that time wouldn't be able to lie about it." Ariana's rasped voice stuttered as she tried to calm herself down.


Her face was flushed, and she could feel her cheeks burning. She struggled out of his embrace and said, "Your lips were chapped. I was just.. sharing my lip balm with you! Good nightttt" Like a bunny, she hopped to her room before he could do anything to her, which he wasn't planning to anyways.


Since the couple didn't have biological parents at the wedding, he was the person who performed the role of an elder. He remembered how he stacked their hands together and the bright smiles that they had on their faces.

  • Meanwhile, Susu, Lily, Lin Que and Chen Mu decided to do some shopping for tonight's dinner. Earlier, Chen Mu and Lily set out different reasons for why Susu should eat homemade food for dinner. Ever since her recent throat infection recovery, Lily and Chen Mu always checked up on her.
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