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Female employee 1: "Did you see that? The smile on his face! I've never seen him smile like that before! He always put on a straight face!"


"Jokes aside, I came today because Chen Mu mentioned your medical appointment at this hospital." Ariana explained her appearance while Chen Nan walked over to her side.


"She escaped." He lied to the man's face while hiding the nervousness inside of him. Alexander could feel a tinglish sensation similar to ants crawling up his legs and biting him along the way as he made eye contact with him. Wuxiaworld for visiting.


Susu smiled, "What can I do now? Even if I find out where Professor Luo Xia got the stamps and stuff, isn't it going to be useless if I don't catch the person red handed? Which is more fun? Watching an enemy struggle while slapping hard evidence to their faces or finding out everything behind the scenes and not being able to do anything about it?"


"Oh, that's nice. We'll see about that. Now, excuse me. We don't have time to watch your little entertainment. The show is about to begin." She ignored Karen's provocative words and walked off to her own table.


Karen sounded a bit disappointed by his excuse because he didn't even try to sweet talk her or try to say things that would sound soothing to her ears anymore. She continued the conversation with a forced positive tone, "Brother Yuo~ Do you know what date is the upcoming Friday?"

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"I've been well. It looks like you are quite successful now. Hmmm? Nurse Kitty?" Karen teased on purpose to gather more information from Kitty.


"Okay. First thing is first. Wash all ingredients before pouring the crabs into the sink. Since the ginger, garlic, and other ingredients are not too much work to wash, we can start with those." Susu instructed and watched Lily on the side. Once in a while, Susu would give her some tips on what to peel off and how thin the slices should be for the ginger.


"May I?" He raised his palm like earlier and waited for hers to touch his. Though her eyes blurred from the layer of tears that stung, she smiled gorgeously just like their wedding night. Adjusting their hands and feet position, the two of them didn't say anything.


"You see, I wouldn't lose a strand of hair... I'll lose every strand of hair by the time you make a move at this rate." He teased and purposely supported his chin using his palm as he watched his wife think of which move to play.


After a few gropes, he paused their kiss and laughed from her ticklish touches, "pffftt, hahahaha, oh my...you knew that was where I was ticklish! Ayeee, now my butt is itching!"


Zi Yan shook her head and showed a small smile on her face, "This man is still the same as ever." She made sure to send hidden bodyguards to protect Chen Nana and Adriana while they stayed in China. After making a call, she went back into Professor Luo Xia's room.


"Who is it?" Chen Ting heard their tiny giggles from behind and turned around. Chen Mu walked out first while holding Susu's hands. Chen Nan and Ariana followed.



"Okay." Tian Yuo was planning to ditch the event tonight because he didn't want to entertain the socialites. He didn't understand why he agreed to it after he had heard that Susu and Chen Mu were together. Once he heard that Susu 'seduced' Chen Mu, his expression darkened.



One morning, Susu received a call from Lily asking her for a favor to teach her how to cook garlic and ginger stir fried crab. Lily knew that Susu was a good cook and compared to hiring chefs, she would rather learn everything by hand with personal guidance in a comfortable environment.


"Oh my.. with all these pick up lines you must have gotten a lot of girls in the past to get this good. Cheesy!" She giggled while resting her head on his shoulder as they tightened their hug. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com www.webnovel.com for visiting.


"Not quite. We don't know what questions she is going to ask just yet. What if it is a finance type of favor? She did mention that it was something she can't ask over the phone. If it is a finance type of question, then I can always pull you into it since you are in charge of Tian Corps right now."

  • "Darling, your left palm needs to move to the second green circle." Lin Que's grin tilted upwards as he realized what the girls wanted to see. He sighed as he made his next move while shaking his head sideways. He knew that from his angle, scoring a kiss with Chen Mu was definitely going to happen.
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