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Chen Nan shook his head, "She has the second to the rarest blood type, AB negative. As of right now, she is still in the pool of finding a match for a bone marrow. Her case is a bit special, but Chen Mu's medicine has worked effectively in stablizing her condition We just hope that a donor matches her soon."


"Oh! You mean the guy with the thickest thigh in the capital, that Huang Zhi Hei? The guy who could turn every straight man gay and lesbian to being straight with his questionable preferences?" Lily claaped her hands together with adoring eyes.


"That and also the fact that they are trying to confirm something. After reviewing all these immunosuppressants, I found a very minimal amount of DNA. To be exact, animal DNA."


"Susu? Don't scare me, what's wrong? Are you feeling pain somewhere?" Her slightly irritated eyes opened and looked at the nervous man in front of her. Her thumbs swept across his cheeks as her rasped voice broke out the torturous truth that she's been wanting to hide and tell him at the same time. He waited patiently for the words she wanted to say.


"And this here, do you dare say it is not lemongrass and mustard on it? I can prove it to you." Lin Que had the shoe in his hand and maintained his calmness. Everyone knew that the calmer Lin Que looked, the angrier he was.


Susu smiled, "What can I do now? Even if I find out where Professor Luo Xia got the stamps and stuff, isn't it going to be useless if I don't catch the person red handed? Which is more fun? Watching an enemy struggle while slapping hard evidence to their faces or finding out everything behind the scenes and not being able to do anything about it?"

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"Whether the surgery successes, I've already prepared myself for the worst, so don't worry." She said as she moved her body to one position and patted the empty space for him to get in bed with her.


Susu fake yawned as she covered her mouth and fanned herself using her hand, "Wow, it took you this long to figure it out? Bravo, CEO Yin. Very intelligent for someone who managed billions of dollars worth of contracts. Did that slap just now burn?"


Susu looked strictly into her eyes with anger. No matter how many apologies or explanations Zi Yan had on her mind, she was persuaded that it would be useless against Susu's words. The last thing she would ever want is for their first conversation to end up in an argument. Therefore, she listened to what Susu had to say before responding little by little.


She nervously bit her fingernails as she went through her closet while calling Tian Yuo. When he picked up, he remained silent on the line.


Within half an hour, the couple walked into Chen Corps with their fingers interlocked. Every female who had a crush on Chen Mu felt like an abandoned widow as they heard and saw the couple walking around while holding hands. If Chen Mu had enough time, he would've gone through every floor of the corporation and branches in the city to introduce her to everyone.


A loud laugh slipped out of her mouth as he pulled on his earlobes, stretched his lips the furthest it allowed him to and raised his left brow upwards. He held his breath and puffed his cheeks out while making a fish expression, "Pffft...hahahahahaha.. okay, fine. Fine. Stop your nonsense! Sheesh."


His assistant brought him and Susu a chair while Karen remained standing. Susu recognized the front page of the portfolio instantly and flipped through the pages while accurately pointing at where her initials laid hidden behind the designs. While roaming through different designs, she also pointed out the different resources she's used or seen before and pulled it up on her phone.



"Oh..thank god. Then what about her father? Is he doing well? Did he remarry?" Hearing that there was news about her family, she felt incredibly joyful. Unfortunately, the next piece of news sent wiped out her happiness like a burned-out candle.



"It's not a difficult question and you have under thirty seconds to respond. It was mentioned during our previous dinner, and I gave a huge hint like literally ten or fifteen minutes ago." She crossed her arms and leaned back on Chen Mu's chest as she waited for his response.


Chen Nan couldn't give a detailed explanation because he wasn't present during the operation. All he knew was that Ariana didn't speak about it to anyone afterwards and could only say that it was a promise with Zi Yan. After that, Zi Yan recovered from the drug as well.


"Just lecturing wasn't enough! I heard Karen's face was covered in sweet and sour ribs while Tian Yuo's feet had tap danced holes in his shoes when they left! Sheesh, if there is a next time, don't do things so half-assed! Your parents taught you better! You need to lecture them less and slam more dishes to their faces. Your words were barely enough! Thank goodness Lily finished it off for you."

  • 'Susu's...right. I remember there were some unused ones prepared for emergency use. The nurse must have forgotten about it or something...if I could use that...' She quickly concentrated back on him.
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