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He loved the stunned expression she had on her face along with the infatuated pair of eyes that was fixated on him. Her mouth opened, but closed the next second. She didn't utter a single word out, instead a smile and kiss to his lips was her response. Taken aback by her sudden shower of affection, his eyes widened, but body had long been tamed by her.


Xin Ya blinked a few times with a smirk on her face, "So.. you only told us that you two were a thing now~ When were you planning on telling us that you two were living together? Hmmmm?~~~"


"Umm..I..." Alan moved back two steps as Lin Que took a look at the typed report and examined the pill on the spot. After a few minutes, Lin Que crossed his arms and waited for an explanation. Finally, Alan gave up to Lin Que's mighty aura and confessed that it was a favor for a relative named Shen Wen.


"Son, it's for her own good. What if she's on drugs? Be a good boy. Let mom take care of this. You wait for the family doctor, okay? I have to get this to the lab." She kissed Tian Yuo on the forehead and pretended to walk upstairs to grab her bag. Immediately upon entering her room, she shut the door and locked it.


His voice held the same type of doting as it always did when speaking to her. "You..You always make me speechless hahaha, alright then. Shall we dance? I don't have my ballet shoes, so I can't do much."


"If that's all you needed, then just text me the time and location for the dinner. I need to go now. I have a lot of paperwork on my desk that needs to be dealt with." He ended the call before she could say anything else. He made it so clear to her that she couldn't even fight back even once.

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"Is that another challenge hmm? I'll gladly accept it if its from you, wifey." He fixed her bed hair and brushed it away from her face. She wrapped her arms around his shoulder, "Who's your wife? We aren't even married yet!"


Susu crossed her arms and looked at Karen, "Did you see it clearly or would I have to replay the whole catwalk show for you? Hmm? My initials were engraved in my designs and at places that you would never notice. Therefore, you would never be able to remove my initials. You aren't so smart like you claimed yourself to be now, huh?"


Anger rushed through her bloodstreams, affecting her rationality if she even had any to begin with. She stood up on her own and pointed at Susu, "She's just playing you! What dowry? What wedding gift? How could you say that when she clearly knows that she wont be able to complete shit for you? Hah? What? Are you guys going to flaunt your love and the possible number of childrens that you are going to have? It's impossible!"


"Which doctor is your mom looking for? Maybe we could help you. Lin Que knows many famous doctors." Lily frowned at her negative words.


"Actually, Susu did make a move. We've already kissed." he broke it out to her that they've made some progress since the last time they had seen Lily.


After 15 minutes later, Lin Que came back to his office to find a lipstick stain on his mug and the content inside of it gone. A sticky note was stuck to his computer screen, "Thank you for the water and everything else, Mwah!" She left her lip signature on the note before she had left his office. Find authorized novels in Webnovelfaster updates, better experiencePlease click www.webnovel.com www.webnovel.com for visiting.


Tian Yuo coughed on the ground in a fetus position as Chen Mu bent down and said, "By the way, you were not her first man. I was. To make sure you don't make up rumors about her, we got together after you guys divorced. Go near her again and I'll castrate you with my surgeon knife. Mark my words."



She stood there with her lips slightly parted, "You did what?" Her mellow voice and the warm palms that reached for his face instantly made him quiet. He could hear cricket sounds and crows cawing while passing by like those anime scenes where awkward silences took place.



Kitty regained consciousness at the perfect timing when their conversation was wrapping up. She had fallen unconscious after Ariana took mirrors and forced her to take a look at the nasty scar across her cheeks. Lily didn't leave Kitty any time to relax as she took alcohol pads and slapped it on the deep wound.


Inside the room, Lily wasn't sure how she should react after hearing about their identities. She greeted them politely and apologized for what had happened. Zi Yan comforted her as she observed Susu's condition, "we don't blame you. It's the cancer that's killing her."


Okay, let me know if any of you need anything." With that being said, he closed the door behind him after exiting. Susu's smile froze and her eyes were covered in frost as her tone turned neutral. "I have a lot of questions, but you two can tell me your story first."

  • Slowly, his head lowered and eyes focused on the report in his hands, "I know. It's Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia, early stage. These pills are helping her body kill off cancer cells, but if her condition worsens after the treatment period, then that means she would require a stronger alternative."
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