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"Got it." Chen Nan patted Chen Mu's back before heading the opposite direction; hoping to assist Ariana in capturing that nurse. He took out his phone as he ran down the hall and called Zi Yan to inform her about Susu's condition. Since it was unclear about how bad the situation was, he panted out of breath and chokingly said, "Susu.. emergency. Lin Hospital. Now." He kept it short and on point, but his words were enough to trigger a heart attack if it was Professor Luo Xia who picked up.


"It was as if they were trying to say for them to let me off. I begged them to stop, and I even said I would leave with them. One of their men whispered to me, 'they will bleed to death. I'll make you watch.' Another man forced my face to rotate towards where my parents laid as their people stomped on my dad's body until blood was spitting out of his mouth..."


Ariana looked at Chen Nan and right away she let out a soft sigh, "I know what you guys are after, but I'm very sorry. I swore that I would bring this secret to my graveyard unless the second miss allows me to talk about it. Or else, I can't."


While hugging Susu, Lily felt her icily temperature hands, "why are your hands so cold? Are you feeling cold?" Immediately, she took the blanket that fell off the bed and covered her up. She took Susu's hands in her own and started rubbing it to warm them up. That was when she noticed that she was covering her right shoulder; the place that she had peeked at earlier.


"What about a donor? I heard that bone marrow transplant is one of the ways to treat that cancer." Zi Yan's chest heaved heavily as she learned more about Susu that was somehow not mentioned in the investigation report.


Tian Yuo sighed in response, "Are you calling me because of this matter? If that's it then sorry, I can't help you. You should understand that the decisions made are between Chen and Yin Corps. I have no right to interfere with this. Even if it is between Tian and Yin Corps, if the cost exceeds the benefits, I would still terminate the contracts. Do you understand?"

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The other staffs don't like associating themselves with Kitty because of her princess syndrome. They also figured out her schemes against other people when things didn't add up, so they limited their time with her.


Lily cut off the call and bent down once again, "So, Kitty cat, did you have fun teaming up with Karen Yin against my Susu? Answer my question!" She lifted Kitty's face and met her tired eyes.


"You said you could only remove half the drug from my arm. Then when the protective charm expires, will I die?" She stuttered.


"If you don't want to go, then don't go. No need to force yourself to have dinner with people you don't want to see." These words were straight to Karen and the stepmother who always mistreated Susu. He's heard many stories and knew about every little thing that Karen did behind Susu's back since childhood. Of course, only Tian Yuo would listen and believe in the blank lies that Karen had told.


Hearing his threat, Shen Qi raised his arms up, "Yeah, Chen Mu! How old are you? Such childishness, sheesh."


"Yes!!! I know!!! And now my hands wouldn't stop touching him and my body feels weird too! I swear I feel all heat up whenever I'm near him! What should I do?" She had never felt this way before even when she loved Tian Yuo for all these years.


Sensing something was wrong, he frowned slightly and lifted her chin, "Susu, what's wrong? Why are you showing me all these?"



After heating up the milk, he poured it in her favorite pink mug and brought it over to her. She was in the middle of a phone call with Shen Wen when he settled the cup on the table in front of her. Seeing that she was busy, he remained quiet and sat on the other side of the couch.



Cupping her wet cheeks in his palms, his sincere gaze fixated intently at her eyes, "Yin Susu, listen carefully to what I'm about to say. I, Chen Mu, would never give you up even to the grim reaper. As for the cancer cells in your body, I will use as long as it takes in research to find loopholes and methods to prolong your life. I will try my best to still be able to hold you close with our hands intertwined at eighty or older."


After going back to their rooms, Susu twist and turned in bed; unable to fall asleep. After half an hour later, she gasped and gulped, "I need to use the bathroom! But.. what if the ghost comes to haunt me.." Though she was a hardcore fan of horror movies, she always would need company to the bathroom if someone watched the movie with her.


His warm gaze instantly darkened; emitting a dangerous, murderous aura. He turned around and faced Karen's greed filled expression with disgust written on his face. "So it was you who dared aimed for our family's Lily. Did you expect yourself to get out of here all tidy like how you walked in? Heh."

  • Ariana turned around and looked up at the ceiling to control the mist layer in her eyes. She gathered herself together and tied Kitty's limbs up before going out of the room. Flashbacks appeared in her mind and hot tears rushed out of her eyes. Chen Nan comforted her in his arms while whispering, "It's okay.. Shhh. Shh. With us here, she will be fine."
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