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"Alright, then let's change to a different location. Let's go to the dock." Susu handed her credit card to the waitress and then signed her signature.


He slapped the evidence of her affair to her face. When she saw the familiar faces in the photos, she snapped and shouted, "you checked up on me?! How much money do you have in your account, huh? You say that you're broke, but here you have these high ass quality pictures from private investigators?! Yeah, I wasn't satisfied with your fucking dickhead because your teeny weeny mushroom doesn't feel like shit even when erected! I love large cocks!"


Now, they were kneeling in front of him; trying to plead for permission to seek death. After a while, his lips parted, and voice rung the ears of those in the room. "Get up. Do you two remember what you've promised me on your wedding day? I'm not dying nor dead yet. I don't need you two to kneel to me."


Chen Mu's eyes rolled towards Susu's direction, "they're trying to hide the real effect of the drug by using common diagnosed ones to make doctors confused..."


"He coughed a few times before they slit his throat in slow motion. My mom was sexually assaulted as he was bleeding to death. One man twisted his head facing her as she was being violated. She was whimpering in pain, in tears and looking away in shame. I knew he was dead with the amount of blood that surrounded him."


"You're right because without him, we would have been starved to death. Even though things were so difficult back then, he was the one who provided us with food and shelter. He risked his life to save us and supported me all the way."

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Finally, she couldn't take it anymore. She had questions and needed answers. Chen Mu noticed her twist and turns on the couch as he washed dishes. He opened the fridge and took out the carton of milk to warm it up for her.


"Hello? Brother Yuo? I'm sorry for my earlier behavior. I've thought things through already. I know my request was unreasonable, and I'm calling to apologize for that."


Before she got off the stool, she stuck out the index finger from both hands and used the fingertips to lift the corners of his lips, making it into a smile. "See? That's the handsome, confident Chen Mu that I know." She giggled before heading back to the kitchen to wash up and prepare for dinner.


"Mom, I have every right to do what I did. If I didn't stand up for her, those people wouldn't know what respect really means. If those crap that I have lectured from this afternoon is still considered as a family just because they have the same surname, then I can make her my family! I could go to the wedding halls tomorrow and marry her. There! Change her surname to Chen. I'll take care of her if none of you accept her."


"Welp, no point in hiding it from you. I've been waiting for you to tell me this yourself. I've known even before we started dating."


"I heard Yin Zin Leung went bankrupt, and nobody dared to hire him because his other daughter caused a ruckus at a socialite event. Of course, he doesn't know that... yet. Susu is dating Chen Corporations, CEO. He is a very good boy and has great potential."


Susu was about to reject his offer, but was interrupted by his words. "Before you respond right away, why not think about it first? You have more than enough time to consider it."



"Well, of course I am here for you, at first at least. Let me take a conclusive guess from what I've heard from my birdies. From their description, you've helped a girl named Yin, Susu gain justice from her spiteful step sister. Correct?"



"Know him?! Not only do I know him, I- nevermind, sorry. My emotions got out of hand. You just have to remember one thing, though. Stay away from the Tian's. They aren't good people. Just a bunch of ugly wolves in sheep's clothing with infinity type of masks. Masks that they wear every day to different people, trying to suck the life's force out of you." Ariana sounded extremely serious that Susu nodded in response.


"Hehe. Full compensation plus interest. How about that?" He pulled her up into his embrace and she left a kiss mark on his neck. That spot felt hot, stingy, and enticing. "Can I kick their asses out, and we just continue?"


He shook his head in response, "Susu's waiting for me, so I need to go back home. She might be forcing herself to stay awake." The bitter smile from earlier was replaced with one filled with warmth and delight.

  • Back then, Karen caught Kitty combining multiple academic papers into one for her final paper. She was the one who reported Kitty's doings to her professor. Karen wanted to ruin Kitty's reputation by recording a video on how the professor confronts and expels her after school. Who knew that the professor would be a pervert and make such a disgusting deal with her?
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